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Virtual Monitor

To accelerate the world’s transition into paperless and fully remote clinical trials.

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Remote Monitoring

New age of safe remote monitoring of the clinical trials

Software is designed to allow essential activities concerning clinical trials to be done remotely, providing intuitive tools that reduce the time and cost of the research.

Furthermore, VM maintains the best quality of study results by sustaining good communication between the Sponsor or CRO and the Clinical Site (CS).

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Virtual Monitor

Top features

Feasibility Analytics

Nowadays, verifying the site' feasibility takes days and sometimes weeks due to the form's paper format and manual questionnaire completion by the Investigator.

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Feasibility Analytics

ISF binders in paper format take up space and are inconvenient to handle. Their shipment is problematic and negatively impacts the environment.

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Patient diaries

VM reminds patient about taking medicine through SMS and provide a short quiz customised for a specific study allowing for primary or secondary endpoints collection.

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Currently, Source Data Verification (SDV) can only be performed during on-site monitoring visits, which is time and cost consuming.

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Internal EHR

The team is replacing the traditional hospital EHR with a VM system, improving the clinical trial process. Check the description of this feature soon.

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Study Forms

VM provides tools for simple electronic form creation or picking previously prepared form templates. Investigators are obliged to create completed forms during patient visits, and VM supervises the correctness of the entered information. Thus, reducing errors made during that activity.

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Visits management

Through a user-friendly interface, the system provides a simple tool for scheduling and notification of patient visits. All documentation relative to a specific visit is available by clicking on its symbol in the calendar. CRO have insight into the calendar and documentation of both EHR and CRF. Therefore, it can perform SDV remotely.

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IP management

VM is integrated with the Clinical Servant –smart IP storage devise able to monitor its further distribution. CRO can remotely monitor IP packages device conditions (temperature) and review the log of events.

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Study intelligent dashboard

Study intelligent dashboard

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Study team management

We know that communication with the research team is one of the most critical factors contributing to a trial's success.

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About us

Virtual Monitor was born to fill the identified market gap - the lack of a solution allowing it to conduct fully remote and paperless clinical trials while simultaneously reducing its costs and the time spent performing individual activities.

Based on the established partnership with the country's leading CRO, the system was built with a focus on customer needs from the beginning of its development.

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Project Roadmap

The system development is based on milestones designed by an experienced management team.


Idea formulation & patent registration


Orphinic Scientific financing


Key partners aquisition & Core team set-up


Concept development & Business Analysis


Prototype delivery


MVP delivery


Bridge financing


Real-life betatesting


Virtual Monitor Premiere


Scientific Validation - the experiment



VM can reduce 60% of the time and 30% of costs regarding Clinical trials.

Approved by University College London research showed that VM can reduce 60% of the time and 30% of costs regarding Clinical trials.


Virtual Monitor Systems Secures 1M PLN in Financing via MediVentures VC under BRIdge Alfa

We are pleased to announce that it has secured 1M PLN in financing via MediVentures VC.


Virtual Monitor Team Releases MVP Version of the Product and Seeks Partners for Real-Life Testing

Virtual Monitor Systems is excited to announce the release of its minimum viable product (MVP) version of the Virtual Monitor.


Virtual Monitor and Clinical Fridge best work together!

Virtual Monitor and Clinical Fridge was developed as one project. The real benefit therefore is after combining the two solutions together in a clinical trial.

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Who can use it?

VM is designed for the Sponsors and Clinical Research Organisations (CRO). VM is aimed to support clinical trials from the study start-up phase until generating a study close-out report simplifying and reducing the workload of the clinical staff.

Our research, showed that VM can reduce up to 30% of clinical trial cost and reduce the time of tasks by up to 60%.


NIP: 7011055882

ul. KOLEJOWA 45a/65, 01-210 WARSZAWA


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Celem projektu jest opracowanie technik w zakresie wirtualizacji oraz automatyzacji procesu przebiegu badania klinicznego. Współfinansowanie ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Inteligentny Rozwój (Działanie 1.3: Prace B+R finansowane z udziałem funduszy kapitałowych Poddziałanie 1.3.1: Wsparcie Projektów badawczo-rozwojowych w fazie preseed przez fundusze typu proof of concept – BRIdge Alfa): 784.000 zł.

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